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10 Jul 2009

Good bye brother Anwar

By Syed Akbar Ali

Before it was Anwar in a wheelchair afflicted by life threatening back pain. A great act that was. Now it is Sulaiman Abdullah, the sarong clad, kopiah covered beardo who somehow has been chosen by Brader Anwar to be his lead counsel, who has now been variously (or curiously) reported as being afflicted by illness. Or is it sickness?

Yesterday Brader Anwar’s trial was postponed yet again because this time his lead counsel was ill and admitted to hospital for observation. Don’t know if Sulaiman was also wheeled in a wheelchair or if he too wore a neck brace. Backpain is not contagious.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Why not just get the trial started. Some credit is due to Brader Anwar for showing up bravely in Court. There was kedai kopi talk that he may be a no show, that he may abscond to the Jewnited States or other affectionate places. Well no such thing has happened.

But what is becoming very obvious is the limp support for the Brader this time around in Sodomy 2. Less than 150 mostly young kids – about Saiful’s age or younger – and some of them grossly overweight, wearing T shirts turned up in Court to show their support for Brader Anwar. And half or more of this number was sent in by bus from Penang. Surely they would have got some allowance for their travel troubles.

You can read more of this at Syamsul Yunos’ Marahku Blog here

Which takes the number of Brader Anwar’s KL supporters to under 75 people. Minus the usual hangers on and the ‘nothing else to do in life’ folks the actual number of Brader Anwar’s supporters yesterday was dismal.

Even more deflating was the failure of Brader Anwar’s huge 100,000 man rally just a few days before at the stadium MPPJ. Despite his claims of pulling in 100,000 people, only slightly more than 4000 people turned up to listen to him. Again this included the folks who were sent in by buses. Even counting the buses, again it shows that Brader Anwar has fast become the non issue that he has always been.

Does anyone recall 9-16? That’s the day on Brader Anwar’s ‘kalendar kuda’ where he fooled himself (and his supporters) that he would take over the Federal Government.

Sodomy 2 has been postponed to next Wednesday 15th July. Enough time to hire more buses. Mungkin kali ini kena kasi elaun lebih sikit kut?

The Press was there in huge numbers – waiting to report any racy, juicy or potentially embarrassing evidence that may be brought forth in Court. I have a feeling that is also the reason the number of the Brader’s supporters is also dwindling.

source - outsyed the box

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