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19 Ogo 2009

Possible reasons for Teoh to commit suicide

by The Unspinners

The situation seemed to be a deadlock. There is no reason and it will be stupid for MACC to kill Teoh Beng Hock and throw the body near its building. It is stupidity bordering on impossibility. Repeated attempt by Gobind to blame it on MACC to be inline with DAP's wild accusation towards MACC is stupid.

While Gobind maybe stupid, DAP is not stupid. It help allay public attention from the corruption investigation on DAP Exco and ADUN.

Lawyer Malik Imtiaz attempted to steer the pathologist Dr Khairul towards a possibility that there was an accident. However, the pathologist insist there is no sign of any struggle or harm on his body. Malik can only insinuate and speculate but he is no expert, thus only the pathologist words carry. It's obvious he is pushing for Raja Petra's accident theory.

Both Dr Khairul and his assistance from University Malaya Medical Centre, Dr. Prashant Naresh Samberkar believed that the evidences points to Beng Hock killing himself.

The Pakatan Rakyat who are dedicated to blame MACC will not agree and their politicians like Selangor exco Dr Xavier Jeyakumar already said will refuse such explanation. Their reason is Beng Hock is getting married on July 17 the following day. Thus there is no reason for him to kill himself. Dr Khairul have asked the family on the state of mind and habit of Beng Hock. THey have confirmed he is not on drugs, or have psychological problem.

We were informed by very informative and experienced persons that two possibilities could lead to Beng Hcok to kill himself.

Firstly, the pressure from certain people like those who called him on his way to MACC office, the quarrel between Beng Hock and Tan Boon Hwa in the toilet and calls he may have received. He may have realised that he would be ostracised by DAP and the Chinese for his revelation to MACC and causing shame to DAP.

Chinese have been known to commit suicide when faced with such possibilities. Under such immense pressure in that few hours, he may have decided to kill himself.

Secondly, we wonder why he would kill himself with his fiance already two months pregnant. Is he the father of that unborn child? When did he got to know of his fiance's pregnancies?

There could be one possibility here. Could it be Beng Hock found out that the unborn child is not his and belong to his boss Ean Yong? When he just knew of it, he felt betrayed but could not retaliate Ean Yong, whose is buddy-buddy with gangster Ronnie Liu.

He could not get out of the marriage since the date to register is fixed. He can't bear to be responsioble for something he didn't do but and did not want to be accused of abandoning his girlfriend who everyone including himself believe had impregnated.

Trap in between choices and frustrated, Beng Hock decided to take his on life. Before he leaves, he wants to clear his conscience to reveal everything to MACC and he left some documents to his friends that later became the blog t4tbh to clear his conscience.

Never discount such possibilities.

source - the unspinners

2 ulasan:

Mohd berkata...

The opposition truely believe that somebody kill TBH.

And how did they became so sure about this? Do they know anyone involve in the killings of TBH.

it isnt logical for MACC to kill TBH because he is the main SAKSI, the only person who can give DAP alot of problem in revealing their black dirty little secret.

N it is not logical for MACC to kill in their own house.

1 SURE THING THE OPPOSITION KNOWS SOMETHING. n most probably involve in something too

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Saya memohon supaya sebarang spekulasi terhadap kematian TBH dihentikan sehinggalah penyiasatan dan perbicaraan diselesaikan. Kita nantikan sahaja keputusan yang akan dikeluarkan.

Setidak-tidaknya hormatilah si mati. Kita pun tak tahu apa sebenarnya punca kematian melainkan dengan hanya berspekulasi.

Saya menyatakan ini bukan atas nama mana-mana pihak, baik pembangkang mahupun kerajaan.

Maaf dan terima kasih.