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9 Ogo 2009

Wong Chuan How, Ronnie Liu's ‘kongsi gelap’ already cabut!

Ronnie Liu dan Wong Chun How, pegawai khas Ronnie dan ahli majlis daerah Sepang

by The Unspinners

When the blog Truth for Teoh Beng Hock (t4tbh) exposed Wong Chun How, Ronnie Liu told the press that Wong was only his worker helping him take care of Sungai Pelek constituency. The constituency was won by BN but the allocation is managed by DAP.

Ronnie said there is no wrongdoing and MACC cannot touch him. He is Untouchable. He explained that the Pejabat Daerah had to give the cheque to Wong so that he can pay by cash to the karipap, tent and other suppliers.

That is not true. Malay Mail reported their source in the Pejabat Daerah saying Ronnie was advised that cheque cannot be issued to Wong’s personal account but he insisted. This is typical of Ronnie who refused to follow procedures and intervene in local authorities operations.

Actually, Ronnie used Wong as front man to make fake invoices and fake projects to siphon out money from ADUN allocation.

MACC made a statement to investigate the allegation in the t4tbh following police reports made by Ronnie Liu, Ean Yong Hian Wah, and Wong Chun How.

The Star report on Friday wrote of a contractor with linked to a State Assemblymen was awarded 230 projects in a certain district. The contractor’s whereabout is not known. The reported arrest must definitely be linked to this investigation and we believed that the contractor concern is Wong.

The blog t4tbh claimed that 83 projects are given to Wong for the Sg Pelek constituency but The Star reported the contractor was given 230. It means Wong must have many other projects assigned by Ronnie for other BN held constituencies.

With MACC investigation coming close to uncover all the bogus projects and companies set-up to siphon money out of ADUN allocation, Wong got nervous and fled. The Star report said he cannot be reached at his home, office and places he regularly frequent. His handphones must be turned off too.

Now that Ronnie have openly claimed that Wong is his man. It is strongly believed that Wong ran to help lessen the pressure on Ronnie to quit as exco member. Why must he run when Ronnie said there is no wrongdoing?

When Teoh was found dead, Lee Wye Ling had also ran to China. Maybe Wong run to China too? Or maybe to Australia or with Ronnie’s good friend, Raja Petra somewhere.

source - the unspinners

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