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1 Ogo 2009

Teoh : Unidentified DNA found at window!!!

by The Unspinners

An unidentified DNA material was found on the window of MACC office where mendiang Teoh Beng Hock was pushed out and killed. The DNA believed to be from the hair is not from the body of Teoh Beng Hock. Thus far, the DNA also do not match the 102 DNA sample police have taken from staff of MACC.

The police must check if the DNA belongs to the Bangla window cleaners or Tan Boon Hwa or Lee Wye Wing. We at The Unspinners believe the police have DNA samples of Tan and Lee from materials left on sofa, desk and carpet, food utensils, etc. That is the reason the two had submitted themselves for DNA test yesterday. There was a court order to do so.

Already, the police have three DNA samples that are unidentified. One from Teoh's belt, another one from his jacket and now from the window. If all three match and if all three come from Tan Boon Hwa or Lee Wye Wing, then surely these two are the murderers of Teoh Beng Hock.

The most likely suspect to have murdered Teoh is Tan Boon Hwa. Tan was questioned by MACC on the same day as Teoh. While Teoh's questioning finish very late at 3:45 a.m. Tan Boon Hwa's questioning session finished early at 1.00 am. But Tan strangely refused to go home and spend the night at MACC.

What happen is Tan wanted to know what Teoh has told MACC. When Tan find out that Teoh had given a 10-page statement to MACC about DAP corruption in Selangor, Tan killed him and pushed Teoh out of the window with the use of a trolley. That is why Police find DNA unidentified sample on Teoh's belt, jacket and also window.

He has been trying to wiggle his way by refusing to cooperate with police investigation, claiming not to know Malay, making wild illogical allegations against MACC, and making police reports against them.

Now the question is who instructed this duo to kill Teoh?

Why Lee the flag supplier must get involved? Don't tell us it is for RM2,400 value for 1,500 flags. There must be more than that. For a bigger corruption? For the underworld gang? To save Ronnie and Ean Yong?

Police must arrest Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing as murder suspect of Teoh Beng Hock. It must be done before they get killed by the gang of Ronnie and Ean Yong.

source - the unsinners

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