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28 Dis 2008

When Politial Conspiracy Intensifies, Should I Remain In Party - Manikavasagam

When Politial Conspiracy Intensifies, Should I Remain In Party - Manikavasagam

The Victory of Pakatan Rakyat didn’t come as easy as thought. It’s requires changes in mindset of voters. After winning over seats once seen as a dream for opposition members, their priority is now to remain seated there forever while rakyat become secondary.

In order to cool down those vocal against them be it within party or within collation State Pakatan leaders plotted a political conspiracy. The more vocal you are the easier you get trap into their ploy. The first of such ploy is against me.
I was told to keep quite and not to raise my objection by State Assembly Speaker whom chaired a briefing over relocation of North Klang Bus Terminal to Klang Sentral in Meru.

He further labeled myself as “opposition” and has “No Knowledge” over the issue. How could I gather more information when Local Authority rejected my request for a copy of Agreement signed between them and developer? All channels to gather further information were sealed. Even briefings over the relocation issue were held after few request were made otherwise they could have quietly done it without my knowledge despite the old and new terminals located within my constituency.

Why so SECRETIVE in the Agreement that even an elected representative has no access to it? What are the hidden agendas until State Assembly Speaker whom was Opposition Leader previously has to get his hands dirty and is willing to be confronted by two MP’s to have the relocation taken place?

When a PAS State Exco member was willing to stand up against decision made by other Exco members in suspending a Deputy President of a local Council over demolition of a Temple recently, why can’t any PKR elected representative come to assist me?

The same person also called upon my resignation from the party which I believe voices of state leaders whom maybe now feel that i am a threat tor them. As previously emphasized, I’m not against development but it has got to be beneficial to the majority

I was made to understand that state government practicing policy to a push side all request from Kapar Parliamentary office which may answer why my memorandum on Kampung Perepat issue yet to receive any feedback.

The list doesn’t end here, there is many more but I don’t wish to discuss it now.

What is the use is of being in a party when there isn’t any support and communication? If they want me to struggle in getting things done, do I need party? I can’t keep nodding my head for the sake maintaining this and party support to remain in this seat forever but ultimately fail in carrying out my responsibilities which i consider my number 1 priority.

Some may think that i am switching camps just for money. I could have earned more by now just by keeping quiet and nodding my head to the requests. Or , I could had done it prior to election day. Why should I spend all my salaries running up and down across Malaysia’s largest constituency?

While others may feel that i am threatening to achieve something? Well can they declassify the Agreement between MPK and Developer of Klang Sentral Bus Terminal ? Or if I demand resignation of Selangor State Speaker will they do it? So, why should I threaten them?

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