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13 Nov 2008

Ivy Josiah and Friends Advocating Gender Confused Soceity?

Ivy Josiah and Friends Advocating Gender Confused Soceity?

I read a report a local newspaper where Ivy Josiah expressed her utmost dissatisfaction with the recent “fatwa” issued by the National Fatwa Council (NFC) on the issue of “pengkik”. “Pengkik” can simply be defined as the opposite of “transvestites”. In other words, girls/women who acts and adopts the demeanor of boys/men.

Ivy thinks that such fatwa makes Malaysia a laughing stock of the international community. I beg to differ seeing that the laugh is on those advocating gender confused society such as Ivy Josiah and her friends.

The National Fatwa Council has hit the nail right on the head when they view this phenomenon in our society as a problem. The “pengkik” phenomenon is a disturbing signal in our society where gender confused values have begun to be compromised by our society. If no action is taken, only God knows how this phenomenon will spread and mutate in the future. If any, Malaysians should thank the National Fatwa Council for taking bold move to stem immoral and unhealthy trends in our society.

A gender confused society is a society that is sick. It will lead to the destruction of the family institution and the disintegration of the society as a whole. A family cannot function properly if the roles of mothers and fathers are not observed properly. A father has his role in a family and so does a mother. In a gender confused society, both roles of fathers and mothers will be confused as well, thus leading to the destruction of the family institution in a society.

It’s no wonder that Western societies are beginning to show signs of strains when liberalism of morality was adopted by them. Problems such as high divorce rates, single motherhood, teenage pregnancies, homosexuality and many more are so common among them that it is now accepted as a trend. The old maxim “if u can’t fight them, join them” comes into mind.

Extension of Support for Homosexuality

It is an open secret that groups represented by Ivy Josiah openly supports homosexuality. The “pengkik” phenomenon is at par with the rise of homosexuality culture in our society. When Nationl Fatwa Council decided to act against “pengkik” they are actually taking steps towards stemming rise in homosexuality in our society.

Homosexuality is a mental disorder and as such it can be cured. There are testimonies by so many former gays and lesbians towards their rehabilitation. What has been discovered is the fact that rise in homosexuality is very strongly connected to the rise in rate of divorce and family disintegration. If any, to stem the tide, the rate of divorces must be lowered. A child having both their mothers and fathers will grow up to become healthy and normal individuals and not adopt homosexuality in their lives.

Masking Immorality with Women’s Rights

We have seen so many examples how Women’s Rights movement is always at the forefront when defending immoral and irreligious values and practices. It is true in the West and it is true here in Malaysia.

It seems Women’s Right is convenient tool to be used in order to undermine religion and decency. Many-a-time, it is also used as a tool to defend revolting and nauseating practices such as adultery, promiscuousness, homosexuality and, yes, “pengkik”.

In truth, that’s what Women’s Right is all about: a. To undermine the family institution in a society, b. To promote sick and negative values in a society, c. To promote social reengineering agenda in a certain society.

The betterment of women is just a sideline to the Women’s Right movement. In truth, women are better off when they have a healthy and happy family to take care of them. Of course there are irresponsible husbands, but just because 20% of husbands are irresponsible, the other 80% should not be punished.

I always say that if we want to follow a Women Right’s leader, she should be married and have actually raised children. Only a mother whom had raised sons and daughters knows what’s good for the society. They are more realistic and in tune with nature. Listening to unmarried and childless leaders may be good, but it’s a big risk to take.

I for one have been blessed with twin daughters and I would not want my daughters to grow up and become “pengkik”. I want them to be a well balanced woman and mother. Therefore, I shall make sure that my twin daughters do not grow up and get their mind poisoned by the likes of Ivy Josiah and friends.

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Truth prevails berkata...

Fatwa itu ianya terang-terang tidak melibatkan bukan islam namun mungkin tidak dapat difahami oleh mereka.

Mungkin ada diantara mereka keliru diantara "Diharamkam" (dalam konteks semua orang) dengan difatwakan haram.

Istilah "mengharamkan" boleh ditakrifkan sebagai "ban".

Fatwa tiada kaitan dengan mengawal seseorang, ianya hanya menjelaskan sesuatu hukum pada sesuatu perkara.

Apabila seseorang bukan islam mempersoalkan fatwa, ianya adalah lebih kurang sama dengan orang islam mempersoalkan hukum yang ada pada agama lain.

Orang islam tidak pernah mengatakan hukum haram bagi orang hindu memakan lembu sebagai "stupid" secara terang-terangan.

Begitu juga ramai bukan islam yang terlibat dalam perbankan, memahami hukum riba adalah haram bagi umat islam.

Tetapi mengapa sesuatu hukum terhadap orang islam, dikatakan "stupid fatwa" oleh orang bukan islam?

Fatwa mengawal rakyat?
Agaknya dalam konteks ini siapa yang kawal siapa?

Sekiranya Ivy Josiah berfikir supaya semua perjuangan hak wanita perlu disatukan tanpa mengikut agama, maka dia sepatutnya mampu berfikir kenapa ada agama yang tidak setuju yangan feminisme melampau.
p/s I totally agreed with his article.

NothingDark berkata...

muka mcm tengah "buang air"