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10 Mei 2008

AL-MUSLIMIN: Analisa Politik Ummah Semakin Menarik

Untuk menjadi penganalisa politik yang baik anda mesti berani mendengar , membaca dan menganalisa. Anuar Ibrahim adalah satu tokoh yang menarik kerana Anwar bermula dengan menjadi tokoh gerakan islam asia tenggara, menyertai UMNO dan menjadi penentang PAS yang aktif

di zalimi oleh Mahathir group dan sekarang mungkin akan menjadi PM in waiting . Anwar juga di tuduh office boy America kerana selalu bersama dengan neocons atau fanatik america pengeksport demokrasi usayang menyokong penjajahan bumi Islam.

Ini adalah link pdf document ucapan Anwar di New York Democracy Forum Amerika yang sangat anti Islam.

Di antara ucapan anwar ialah:

"So, the key, of course, is engagement. We must have the courage,
conviction, and the courage to engage. It is, to my mind, totally
unacceptable for us to continue to marginalize groups because of
their perceived views, either against the West or against the other
parties. To my mind, it is essential because again, in my limited
experience, with the Islamic Party, we were known to be strong
advocates of Islamic law, even an Islamic state. Now, Islamic state
is no longer on the agenda. Now, what happens if it is one man,
one vote, one time? And I think the fear is real, not only among
non-Muslims, but also some Muslims in Malaysia. They kept on
cautioning me, “Anwar, look. What happens next?”

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PKR talking to PAS on dropping stance: Karpal
Kong See Hoh

PETALING JAYA (May 11, 2008): DAP chairman Karpal Singh has disclosed that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is trying to talk PAS into giving up its Islamic state ideology.

He said the Islamic state ideology as espoused by PAS is a big obstacle to cooperation among the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) component parties. He did not discount the possibility that the Islamic state issue may prompt DAP to again leave the opposition alliance.

Karpal, who is the Bukit Gelugor MP, told Nanyang Siang Pau in an interview the Federal Constitution clearly says Malaysia is a secular state.
Former prime ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn had also stated that Malaysia is a secular state, he said.

He said PAS has stated that "should the party come to power (at the federal level), it would declare Malaysia an Islamic state".

"Based on this point, PAS accepts the fact that Malaysia, at present, is not an Islamic state," he said.

"PAS needs to obtain two-thirds majority in the parliament as well as amend the constitution in order to fulfill its Islamic state ideology."

Karpal Singh said PR is a good front with potential to obtain even better results in the next general election.

As such, PAS should stop making remarks on Islamic state.

He also said PAS cannot regard itself as the backbone of PR as it has only 23 parliamentary seats, whereas PKR and DAP have 31 and 28, respectively.
"PR is at its infancy stage and there is lot more work to do, such as fighting for the abolition of the Internal Security Act and other draconian laws," he said.

"As such, PAS should put more efforts in these areas and be mindful of their remarks to avoid giving the public the impression that PR is in a mess."

Karpal Singh also said DAP does not accept the party-hopping culture, adding that PR should not use party-hopping to strengthen itself but wait for another four years to show its strength.

He said party-hopping is a betrayal of the voters' trust and if PR accepts party-hoppers, one day it will also be betrayed.

Anwar has said PR will get enough MPs to cross over from BN to form the next federal government by Sept 16 (Malaysia Day) or earlier.

Karpal Singh said he personally does not agree with any move by PR to form the federal government with the help of party-hoppers.

"A political party must have integrity, otherwise it will lose the people's trust," he said.

Umno will adhere to Constitution, says Razaleigh
PETALING JAYA (May 11, 2008): Umno's Gua Musang MP Tengku Razakeigh Hamzah says Umno will definitely not agree with PAS' Islamic state ideology as Umno believes in adherence to the Federal Constitution and subscribes to the system of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

"Under the Federal Constitution, Islam is the official religion, and non-Muslims enjoy the freedom to practice their religions," he said.

He pointed out that in the Umno constitution, there are no clauses for the setting up an Islamic state.

He said Umno's stand to subscribe to the Federal Constitution is obvious and it is meaningless for anyone to doubt Umno or to debate the (Islamic state) issue.

Tengku Razaleigh, 71, told Sin Chew Daily this during an interview when asked to comment on the oft raised Islamic state issue that has caused much concern among non-Muslims.

He pointed out that the Islamic state concept put forward by PAS is not a mere terminology but an ideology that must be taken seriously, because once PAS takes control of the federal government, it will turn Malaysia into an Islamic state.

"PAS will replace the constitution with the Koran and impose the hudud on all Malaysians. That is the Islamic state PAS wants to set up. They will abolish the (Malay) rulers, because there is no monarch in an Islamic state."

He said all these while, Umno had come under attacks from PAS as the two parties do not share the same ideology.

He said of late, certain people had brought up the issue again and felt that some leaders in Umno had not made a clear stand on the matter.

"In fact, Umno has never thought of establishing an Islamic state because we hold fast to the Federal Constitution," he said.

"In Umno's constitution, there is no clause that says it wants to set up an Islamic state. If it wants to, it would have done it long ago.

"In 1948, only Umno and Malay rulers were negotiating for the Federation of Malaya Agreement with the British government; there were no MCA or MIC then. If Umno wanted to make the federation an Islamic state, it would have put it down as a condition at the negotiations, and not wait till today.

"We have Islamic laws but they are applied to only Muslims and do not affect the lives of others. Non-Muslims' freedom of worship is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution."