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30 Jul 2008

Hospital Pusrawi tubuh pasukan siasatan

Hospital Pusrawi tubuh pasukan siasatan

+++++video ini setakat ini sahaja++++

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Unknown berkata...

Saman je la Raja Petra & Anuwar tu Hospital Pusrawi

Sebelum ni dia je yg asyik saman orang...biaq dia pulak rasa disaman

Unknown berkata...

Haiyaa... buat apa mau saman??? Kalau saman itu yahudi sama Amerika sponsor lor... Talak ada kesan. Itu kasi tangkap masuk ISA seumur hidup lor.. Lagi bagus kasi aman ini Malaysia.. Itu masa Anwar lalam lokap manyak aman lorr.. Itu apa pasal Pak Lah sama Khairy manyak bolohhhh.. bikin kasi lepas sama itu bapak liwat. Itu khairy pun misti kasi pancung... Ini kalau bukan khairy punya pasal, itu Malaysia talak hulu hala sebab bapak liwat talak keluar pinjala...

sheena berkata...

The individuals and agents in various sectors here in M'sia (PKR elite ring, journalists, alternative media,etc ) can be handsomely and generously paid $$ by the Neocons Powerhouse of USA, on which Israel and Mossad ride on, with the principal goal that Anwar remains in the scene and be put into the Msian top ruling post (some ppl call it puppet-head for USA),and cause a "regime change"( the word of the day put forth by the Neo-con Powerhouse) that will put in place a "regime" THEY favour This "regime change" will provide a path for removing nationalistic and/or Islamic/ caliphate and/or Monarch nations, into a one-system global NEW WORLD ORDER, planned a long long time ago.

Good thing Tuan Haji Hadi said last week that, who is Anwar to believe that he(Anwar) is Pakatan Rakyat head, and will be PM?PAS member can be PM too!

Anwar (and Co.) calls it democratic Islam/ Liberal Islam/ pluralistic, free and tolerant society- all of which Anwar promotes in all his global lectures under the sponsorship (read : watchful eye) of National Endowment of Democracy (NED), The Civil Society, The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and supported favourably by US Government.

The history and roles of NED..itself is intriguing. Hope most of you know and research more on it.

So,a few media operators and 'reporters' and whoever else are so well-paid, as long as they carry on the subversive efforts to discredit a legally-elected ruling government, discredit (call it fitnah) the top individuals in vital agencies (Judiciary, Police, Legislative, PM, TPM posts), with the aim of convincing (or confusing) the public, then later, if there is "regime change", quickly put "their own" people in those posts soonest possible.

The evidence is everywhere now, but most people do not see the BIG picture. They are lost in the MAZE of news, allegations, claims and counter-claims.

Example: who is Raja Petra? Who pays him? Malaysia-Today is full of half-truths, no doubt.A fool can tell.When PAS and UMNO meet, the common denominator being Islam and Malay ethnicity and their desire to uphold the integrity of the religion and the nation, YET instead of respecting the efforts, Raja Petra's Malaysia-Today curses the efforts and PAS. "Menghina" PAS is the correct word to describe it.

For the Neo-cons, anti-Islam agencies and the individuals who work for (and paid) by them, the PAS-UMNO muzakarah etc is BAD NEWS.

So, my warning to readers is this:
Look out for "jarum halus" amongst us (journalists, bloggers,politicians) who will try to break up the desire for A UNITED MUSLIM UMMAH, as discussed ( I am sure) by the top guns in PAS-UMNO.Let us fight back and counter every evil effort by such individuals to break up the 'unity of hearts' between PAS-UMNO.

When PAS and UMNO unite, under whatever name,it is with the Blessing of Allah (who move their hearts to one), and we Muslims should give our undivided support, to protect our faith; PKR will no longer be a relevant agenda in Malaysian politics.

Remember that Malaysia is predominantly Muslim and the predominant ethnic group is Malay-Muslim.So, your votes and your voice....counts.